TIM SEELEY Signs DC Exclusive - With Some Exceptions

"Nightwing: Rebirth #1" preview
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Nightwing writer Tim Seeley has signed an 'exclusive' agreement with DC Comics. This comes just a few months after his Grayson co-writer Tom King signed a similiar 'exclusive' agreement, and is said to restrict Seeley's comic book work - both writing and drawing - to DC and Vertigo, with some exceptions.

”It’s really exciting to see the level of talent that continues to choose DC as their creative home,” said DC Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras. “Tim Seeley is an incredible storyteller and I’m very proud to have him as part of our Talent family.”

Credit: DC Comics

As mentioned, Seeley is currently working in Nightwing with artists Javi Fernandez and Marcus To, as well as the upcoming Lost Boys title with Scott Godlewski.

"Working with DC for the past several years has been a total pleasure, and has allowed me to collaborate with some of the best editors and writers and artists in all of comics,” said Seeley. “DC has given me the opportunity to work on some of my favorite books, including Batman, Robin War, Nightwing and The Lost Boys, as well as nurture my desire to create new content. This made it easy to call DC my new creative home.”

Although described as an 'exclusive,' Seeley tells Newsarama that the contract will allow him to continue work on his creator-owned titles Revival and Hack/Slash.

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