Brand New SPIDER-MAN Costume, ONE MORE DAY Bargain Remembered?

"Spider-Man/Deadpool #8" preview
Credit: Ed McGuinness (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ed McGuinness (Marvel Comics)

Spoilers ahead.

In this week's Spider-Man / Deadpool #8, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness have introduced a new costume into Spider-Man's wardrobe. Influenced seemingly by the classic black design and a bit of Kaine's most recent Scarlet Spider suit, Parker adopts the costume after dying, and returning from the dead to find someone masquerading as him.

Parker wears the new costume to team-up with Deadpool against those involved, led by a new villain named Patient Zero.

But what's perhaps even more interesting is that this series continues to slowly peel back the layers on the once seemingly incontrovertible "One More Day" deal with Mephisto. That deal, if you recall, saved Aunt May's life, but at the expense of the memory - and history - of the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

In the series, Spider-Man's brief death exposed him to Mephisto in the afterlife. And although Peter was quickly resurrected by Deadpool (thanks to his one-time-bae Death), he continues to have errant memories of Mephisto with hints of that "One More Day" deal.

Credit: Ed McGuinness (Marvel Comics)

While it is true that Deadpool is known to sometimes play fast and loose with continuity, Spider-Man / Deadpool as a whole has been careful to follow the present events of the two title characters' current status quo, from Wade's marriage to Shiklah and Peter's success as a Fortune 500 CEO.

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