CAPTAIN AMERICA Statue Raises Ire For Some Brooklynites

Captain America statue
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's Captain America statue is scheduled to be unveiled Wednesday at Brooklyn's Prospect Park, but some park-goers are already raising issues about the temporary installation, according to the New York Post.

“Are they going to put a McDonald’s here, too, and a Walmart?” questioned Katie Maitland.

“You want to maintain the serenity, calmness and beauty of the park,” said Dinah Krenitski, who was at the park with her son.

The 13-foot, 1-ton statue will be stationed at the park's Children's Corner, near the carousel - a location that Green activists allege was designated "commercial-free" by New York City.

“It’s not like Marvel has any relation to this park,” said Jakob Carter.

This isn't the first time concern was raised over the statue; last month, the family of the late Joe Simon, Captain America's co-creator lobbied for Simon and co-creator Jack Kirby's names to be added to the statue. Although not present on the statue when it debuted at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July, the Simon family said Marvel will add it before it debuts in New York City.

Following a two-week stint at Prospect Park, the statue will be removed to appear in September outside the Barclays Center. After that, it is scheduled to take up a unique position - a soon-to-be-opened Bed Bath & Beyond in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.

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