New A-FORCE Artist Promises 'Amazing Events' With CIVIL WAR II Tie-In

"A-Force #8" first look
Credit: Paolo Siqueira (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Fresh off of segueing the Teen Titans back into the forefront of the DCU with Titans Hunt, Brazilian artist Paolo Siqueira returns to Marvel as the new artist of A-Force beginning with this week's #8.

Taking the baton from outgoing artist Ben Caldwell, Siqueira partners with series writer Kelly Thompson as the all-female force dives head-long into Civil War II as several members such as Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Medusa are key players.

Siqueira spoke to Newsarama about his excitement at drawing A-Force, as well as the unique challenges a team book of this nature has for an artist.

Credit: Paolo Siqueira (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Paulo, you're back at Marvel and are the new artist of A-Force. First off, what interested you about A-Force?

Paolo Siqueira: Yes, after a few years working for DC Comics, I am back to Marvel, taking over the art on A-Force. It's a very attractive book, and it has amazing characters. How could you not like to draw Captain Marvel? Her new costume design is awesome!

She-Hulk, I'm a big fan! Ever since my days as a reader on John Byrne's run, I couldn't help but imagine how it would be to draw that character in a regular comic.

Credit: Paolo Siqueira / Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

When Medusa met Spider-Man, drawn by John Romita, that's one of my foremost memories in comics, and she still wears the same costume from back then!

I didn't know Singularity, but how can you not get attached to such an adorable character? Dazzler's new look and temper on A-Force are extremely interesting, and at last, Nico.... Oh, She’s the spotlight in this arc I'm doing.

All of that really appealed to me in drawing this title, the opportunity to draw these terrific characters!

Nrama: You're coming onto this after working on DC Comics’ Titans Hunt. Both are team books, but are materially different. What's it like for you drawing an ensemble book with so many re-occurring characters?

Siqueira: There are two points. They are, indeed, group titles, full of characters, and everybody loves pages with lots of heroes, including me. Nothing is cooler than having pages filled with your favorite characters in interesting, well-drawn panels.

On the other hand, I am not a quick artist, and having so many characters per page winds up being more laborious than my speed allows me to handle. However, Marvel has been amazing to me and provided me the conditions to accomplish all that with all the quality expected from my art, and at a level of a comic book published by them.

Credit: Paolo Siqueira (Marvel Comics)

Nrama:  Do you have a favorite character early on in drawing A-Force?

Credit: Paolo Siqueira (Marvel Comics)

Siqueira: Yes.

She-Hulk, but I think it's amazing to draw Captain Marvel too. I really love the character's look!

Nrama: You mentioned the challenge of having so many characters at once, but are there any other challenges you’ve found in doing A-Force?

Siqueira: The artists that came before me did an amazing job. Maintain the level and add up to the "Paulo Siqueira way" of working with this team – that’s a goal I have with this book. 

Also, here in A-Force, I have the intention to accomplish an artistically superior work to my previous passage through Marvel, when I did some amazing works. I want this new phase to be even more amazing.

Credit: Paolo Siqueira / Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: A-Force #8 comes out this week, so how far ahead are you in drawing the series?

Siqueira: Right now I am working on the last page of A-Force #9 and starting #10.

Nrama: Who is coloring and inking your work for this?

Siqueira: Colors are under the responsibility of Rachelle Rosenberg. Coloring over pencils. No inks.

However, Rachelle gives a treatment to the pencils that works as inking. That's a heads-up to the quality of her work; she is an extremely talented and competent colorist, and her colors add up a lot to the work.

I became a fan of her work.

Thank you very much to our editor Katie Kubert for putting her on the team to color my pages.

Nrama: You've said elsewhere that Spider-Man is your favorite comic book character ever. You did a short run with him, but do you have the itch to return to him or any other Marvel characters in the future?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Siqueira: Yes, I am a big fan of the old webhead.

I would love to draw him again. He is like a best friend I haven't seen in a long time. I hope to meet him again soon!

As a reader, I always preferred solo characters, and as a professional, in my opinion, I fit better drawing such characters. Also, I am curious to see how it would be to work on the Hulk.

Nrama: Big picture, what are your goals with A-Force?

Siqueira: In short, to do a great job!

Pleasing Marvel fans, draw everything they expect and like to see in a great super hero comic.

Of course, I am a comics fan, and I draw what I would like as a fan to see in every book I pick up to read.

My arc takes up issues #8, #9, and #10, and if you like them as much as I do, the future will be prosperous and filled with amazing events!

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