TED NAIFEH's Dark Hero Plunders In NIGHT'S DOMINION #2 Preview

"Night's Dominion #2" preview

The Umber Knight returns in a preview of October's Night's Dominion #2. Check out an interview with Ted Naifeh about the new series here.

When she’s not working as a barmaid, Emerane becomes the Night, the most wanted thief in Umber. But when the Furie, Umber’s self-proclaimed champion, declares himself her enemy, she’s soon penniless and desperate. Her only recourse is to join the Bard and his ragtag team of rogues as they infiltrate the Cult of Uhlume’s tower in search of untold riches. The tower is not as it seems, however, and our heroes—if we dare call them such—may find more than they bargained for in its murky depths.
OCTOBER 19 / 32 PGS. / 16 and up / Fantasy / $3.99

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