LETO: Enough JOKER Material Deleted From SUICIDE SQUAD 'For A Whole Movie'

Jared Leto as the Joker
Credit: Warner Bros.
'Suicide Squad' portraits
'Suicide Squad' portraits
Credit: Clay Enos for Entertainment Weekly

Jared Leto's Joker was central to the marketing for Suicide Squad, though he wound up playing only a minor role in the film as part of a subplot involving Harley Quinn. However, Leto says that there was enough material left on the cutting room floor "for a whole Joker movie."

“I think that I brought so much to the table in every scene, it was probably more about filtering all of the insanity, because I wanted to give a lot of options,” Leto told Variety. “I think there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie.”

As for the contents of those deleted scenes, Leto says much of what he filmed may have pushed Suicide Squad's PG-13 rating.

“I always wished this film were rated R,” he said. “It felt like, if a film was ever going to be rated R, it should be the one about the villains.”

Suicide Squad is currently in theaters.

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