GEORGE R.R. MARTIN's Superhero Series WILD CARDS Optioned For Live-Action TV

"Wild Cards" TPB cover by Bob Larkin
Credit: Bob Larkin

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin's long-running superhero series Wild Cards has been optioned for development as a live-action television series. NBCUniversal subsidiary Universal Cable Productions acquired the rights from Martin (as announced on his LiveJournal), with long-time editor and sometimes co-writer Melinda M. Snodgrass serving as an executive producer.

Martin says that while the approach to adapting the series hasn't been finalized, he's "almost sure" that the character Croyd Crenson will appear in the proposed series.

"Only one thing I can say for (almost) sure. You will be seeing Croyd Crenson, no matter shape the eventual show or shows ends up taking," said Martin. "It wouldn't be Wild Cards without the Sleeper."

Martin himself will not be participating in the television adaptation of Wild Cards however, as an exclusive development deal with HBO - who produces Game of Thrones - precludes him from any material involvement.

"So there it is. I hope you're as excited as I am," the author said. "Of course, Hollywood is Hollywood, and nothing is ever certain in development... but I think I hope I cross my fingers that the Wild Cards will be coming to your home screens in the next year or two."

The Wild Cards prose novel series was launched by Martin in 1996, and has grown to include over twenty various sequels, tie-ins, and anthologies. Interestingly, Martin's original Wild Cards novel was a finalist for the Hugo Award but lost out to Watchmen.

In 1990, Marvel produced a tie-in miniseries based on Wild Cards, and in 2008 a sequel was published by Dabel Brothers Productions titled Wild Cards: The Hard Call.

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