Tony's Rehearsal Gives Surprise SPIDEY on Broadway Preview

Surprise Spidey on Broadway Preview

An image from Radio City Music Hall of the 'Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark' video preview

People in attendance of Sunday afternoon's full dress rehearsal of the 2009 Tony Awards got an unexpected video preview of the planned 2010 Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark, which will be directed by Julie Taymor (The Lion King) with a score by U2's Bono and The Edge.

In a segment that apparently was not aired during the live television broadcast Sunday evening, interview footage of Taymor, Bono, and the Edge was show on Radio City Music Hall's giant video screens.

Newsarama contributor Michael Avila, who attends the dress rehearsal annually with his wife Cindi, picks up the story from there…

"So during the down time in what will be the commercial breaks, they run various video clips, Avila writes on his Popzone blog. "Some are old TV spots for long-forgotten Broadway shows like Timbuktu. Others are promos for upcoming shows. Imagine my fanboy surprise when an image of Spider-Man showed up on the massive Radio City screens.

"Then they played a montage reel that showed Bono, Edge, and Taymor discussing the show and what they plan/hope it will be. They had video of actors in harnesses flying through the air on wires, along with some special effects that looked to be in the early stages. There was also a shot of a drawing of Spidey's Rogue's Gallery, featuring familiar faces such as Electro, Carnage and Sandman."

Surprise Spidey on Broadway Preview
Surprise Spidey on Broadway Preview
An image from Radio City Music Hall of the 'Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark' video preview

Avila goes on to summarize what little information exists about the show's book (Broadway terminology for script/storyline) or casting, other than it will involve the 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' angle and that actress Evan Rachel Wood has done some public campaigning for the role of Mary Jane. But what details could be gleamed from the footage?

"For one, it looks to have visual effects unlike anything Broadway's ever seen (makes sense, with the estimated $40 million price tag)," writes Avila. "There were two shots shown (one of which I caught in a pic) that featured these effects.

"More important, I glimpsed one guy flying around with some kind of wingspan, not in any way resembling how Spidey would look web-swinging around town. My first instinct was this was a look at one of the villains in the show.

"The Vulture, maybe? Morbius?? The Green Goblin perhaps, although it did not look like someone sitting on any type of Glider."

"Obviously this is all speculation, but I can certainly picture a story that includes several familiar foes tackling Webhead on stage," concludes the accidental spy. "Regardless, this is one of the more fascinating events to appear on the pop culture radar in some time, because of the sheer risk involved. I can easily see this being either a tremendous success or a humongous flop."

Check out Avila's blog for this full account of the story, along with a few more photos taken from his iPhone from the Radio City mezzanine.

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