CYCLOPS & EMMA With The Upper Hand In New DEATH OF X Covers

"Death of X" cover by Aaron Kuder
Credit: Aaron Kuder (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Aaron Kuder (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has revealed the covers to November's Death of X #3 and #4 by series artist (and newest Marvel 'exclusive' talent) Aaron Kuder.

The series deals with the hereto unexplored war between Marvel's inhumans and mutants in the eight-month gap between Secret Wars and the first stories of "All-New All-Different Marvel."

Credit: Aaron Kuder (Marvel Comics)

Previously only hinted about in various X-Men and Inhumans titles, it will presumably count for the absence of Emma Frost and the apparent death of Cyclops as talked about in-story in recent Marvel Comics.

The twice-monthly Death of X is scheduled to debut in October, with these two issues coming in November.

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