New Batman & Robin a Hit, Newsarama Readers Say

Cover to June's Batman & Robin

DC Comics may a full-on hit on their hands in their new Dynamic Duo, at least according to the over 6700 readers that responded to Newsarama's latest reader poll this past week.

The team of Dick Grayson as the new Batman and Damian Wayne as the new Robin who debuted in this past week's Batman & Robin #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely met the early approval of a whopping 74% of the Newsarama readers who participated in the poll.

32% of the fans who responded choose the most positive option, "LOVE 'EM – They can keep the titles permanently as far as I'm concerned," as their choice, with the largest percentage (42%) choosing "LIKE 'EM – Yeah, I liked their 'dynamic'. I could get used to this, for a while anyway."

Only 802 voters (or 12%) as of Sunday were seemingly ambivalent so far, choosing the response, "EH – I could go either way. I may grow to like them, but I'm not married to them yet either".

Just a combined 14% of responders choose among the two negative poll options. 5%, the lowest total of the poll chose "DON'T LIKE 'EM – Not going to go crazy about it now but I'd really like Bruce and Tim back sooner than later". But that figure nearly doubled to 9% for the extreme negative position, "HATE 'EM – Bruce Tim, come back NOW … PLEASE!"

As usual, the comments section following the poll allowed for our readers to express their wildly varying opinions.

"LOVE EM!!!!! STAY DEAD BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" wrote one reader (twice in fact) but given his username was "nightwing77" that response was understandable.

"Love 'em. B&R is off to a great start," posted reader "neftones" in a slightly more detailed response. "The dynamic between Dick and Damien is far more interesting than Bruce [Wayne] & Tim [Drake] probably ever were. There's an actual story there, and it makes every situation they get into that much more interesting. Damien in particular is really going to shine as Robin; I can't wait to see where this duo goes in the next year or so. I hope they get a longer stay than that."

If there was any specific response that seemed to be expressed more than any other, it was appreciation for Dick Grayson as Batman but reservation to outright hostility for Damian Wayne as Robin.

"I actually see Dick Grayson's wearing the cowl now as appropriate and, in a way, inevitable I give highest marks for him becoming Batman," wrote reader "PaulOfMackinac". "But I don't like Damien, I never DID like Damien, and his assuming the mantle of Robin spoils this whole change for me. So I guess I fall somewhere in between."

Despite being in the minority, there new team was a bomb for some readers. Wrote "mpartyka": "I put this on my list with high hopes. Now I'm immediately dropping it. Grant's Dick Grayson has zero personality. Damien is drearily over-serious. Pyg is pretty horrifying, but I wasn't interested in reading B&R for the villains."

Some readers while expressing approval of the new status quo in Gotham City, expressed doubt the changes will last for long.

"The first issue was great. Best Batman comic in a while, imo," wrote "SouthtownKid". "I wouldn't mind if they kept things this way for a long time. But let's not fool ourselves with talk about this being permanent. As enjoyable as this is so far, it shouldn't be permanent, and won't be."

A few readers were keeping on open mind on that front, however.

"Just because Bruce is returning, doesn't mean he is returning as Batman," wrote "Mamabzo". "A lot of you need to keep that in mind."

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