MARVEL Signs AARON KUDER to Exclusive Deal

"Marvel: Death of X" Panel art
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Former Action Comics artist Aaron Kuder has signed an "exclusive" agreement with Marvel Comics ahead of his work on the upcoming Death of X event series.

“I’m completely stoked to be working at the House of Ideas again," said Kuder. "I grew up as a Marvel kid (no really, my 7th birthday wish: grow up to be Spider-Man. But don’t tell anyone. Otherwise it won’t come true.)”

The Arkansas-based artist has already completed several covers for the publisher this year, with Death of X #1 scheduled to debut in October.

“Working on Death of X is a monster!” explained the artist. “This is easily the largest cast of characters I’ve had to work with to date. All the Inhumans, all the X-Men…it’s a crazy amount to draw. All that grunt work is made better by the fact that Charles [Soule] and Jeff [Lemire] are scribing it. Both these guys are amazing storytellers. It’s really an honor to be working with them.”

Kuder previously did a brief stint on Marvel's Avenging Spider-Man title in 2012, but has primarily been a DC artist with work on Green Lantern: Lost Guardians, Superman, Superboy, and the aforementioned Action Comics.

“I couldn’t be more ecstatic about Aaron coming to Marvel,” says Marvel Executive Editor Nick Lowe. “I’ve been trying to get him over to Marvel for a few years now, but when this momentous story came up I knew we needed an artist capable of bringing it to life, and Aaron hasn’t disappointed. In fact, he’s turning in the best work of his career!”

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