AVENGERS vs. JUSTICE LEAGUE Cinematic Supercut

Still from 'Marvel Vs. DC - Epic Battle'
Still from 'Marvel Vs. DC - Epic Battle'
Credit: ScreenRant

Using breakneck edits and some clever digital compositing, ScreenRant has created a super-sized mash-up that pits the cinematic Avengers against the movie Justice League.

Drawing on sources ranging from the Avengers films, to Deadpool, The Wolverine, the Amazing Spider-Man movies, the Dark Knight trilogy, and even TV shows such as The Flash and Supergirl, basically every major Marvel and DC hero ever put to film squares off in this mash-up. Keep your eyes peeled for the battle of the Ryan Reynoldses as Deadpool fights Green Lantern. And in case you were wondering, yeah - that's a Kryptonite Hulkbuster.

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