Report: SUICIDE SQUAD's Mid-Credits Scene, Second JUSTICE LEAGUE Cameo Confirmed

Still from "Suicide Squad"
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Batman isn't the only Justice League member slated to appear in Suicide Squad, according to Deadline. Citing a purported cast list sheet given at a screening of the August 5 film, Ezra Miller will appear as the Flash. The Hollywood trade goes on to state that Miller wasn't part of the original shooting of Suicide Squad, but was one of several things added in the widely-known reshoots David Ayer completed earlier this year.

Curiously however, Ben Affleck nor Batman appear in Deadline's cast list sheet - despite appearing in previously-released trailers for the movie.

Meanwhile, ComicBook reports that Suicide Squad does contain a mid-credits scene which is "pivotal" to the film, though the critic screening reportedly did not contain a post-credits stinger - something other films have often added after pre-rleease screenings take place to maintain some element of surprise.

Suicide Squad is due out August 5.

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