TONY STARK's Surprising Birth Mother Revealed In INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN #5 - SPOILERS

"International Iron Man #5" page by Alex Maleev
Credit: Alex Maleev (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Alex Maleev (Marvel Comics)

Spoilers ahead for International Iron Man #5.

This week's International Iron Man #5 apparently finally solved the mystery of Tony Stark's birth mother, a question that's been floating around since writer Kieron Gillen revealed Stark was adopted in 2013. And perhaps the most surprising aspect of the reveal is on the surface how unsurprising it is...

Stark's mother isn't someone shocking like the Black Widow - in fact, it's a brand new character - one who isn't a superhero, supervillain or so-far-as-we-know has no shocking connection to another established character. Stark's birth mother is apparently a London-based music producer by the name of Amanda Armstrong - whose nationality and occupation could be a nod to the British Gillen, whose well known creator-owned series Phonogram is all about the mythology of music.

Of course, as of the moment Stark only thinks she may be his mother, and being she's a new character maybe a more shocking backstory is still to come, particuarly since his birth father has yet to be revealed. But coming from the publisher that has recently killed War Machine and the Hulk (by Hawkeye's hand) and revealed Captain America is a sleeper Hydra agent (sort of), the reveal seems tame by comparison.

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