GEOFF JOHNS Promoted to DC President As Part of Several Executive Changes

Geoff Johns
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Newsarama has learned that Geoff Johns was promoted in May to be a President of DC Entertainment, part of several changes at the executive level for the Burbank, Calif.-based arm of Warner Bros. Johns received the promotion along with his new title of co-head of DC Films which was previously reported, and continues in his role as DCE's Chief Creative Officer.

This is the first time DCE has had two presidents, but the situation has precedence within the executive structure of other divisions of parent company Time Warner. And although their DC colleagues Jim Lee and Dan DiDio share the publisher position with the titles 'Co-Publishers,' Nelson and Johns won't be 'Co-Presidents' and he will continue to report to Nelson as his direct supervisor.

In addition to being a DC President, Nelson also serves as President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products and President/Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Several other DCE executives received promotions and reorganizations of their titles in addition to Johns, including:

  • Amit Desai was promoted from Senior VP of Marketing & Global Franchise Development to Executive VP of Business & Marketing Strategy.
  • John Cunningham was promented from being VP of Content Strategy to Senior VP of Sales & Trade Marketing.
  • Sam Ades was promoted from VP of Digital Marketing to Senior VP of Direct to Consumer.
  • Anne DePies was promoted from VP of Strategy Planning & Reporting to Senior VP of Business Strategy, Finance & Administration.
  • Jim "Ski" Sokolowski segued from being VP of Comic Book Specialty & Newstand Sales to becoming VP of Comic Book Specialty & Trade Marketing.
  • Eddie Scannell segued from being VP of Mass Account & Digital Sales to VP of Consumer Marketing.
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