Who Won Comic-Con? The Answer Might Surprise You

Still from "Wonder Woman"
Credit: Warner Bros.

For studios, Comic-Con International: San Diego is a battleground for eyeballs, attention and buzz from those in attendance - and those reading about it from home. This year, DC Films and Marvel Studios went head-to-head, with other genre pictures also weighing in while 20th Century Fox skipped the convention entirely.

So on this battleground, who won? According to data from media research company ListenFirst Media as provided to Variety, it was Suicide Squad and Game of Thrones - thanks in part to their "ensemble power," and also presumably being so near their release dates.

How do they come to these figures? ListenFirst Media's Interest Score uses metrics pulled from social media, search traffic, and Wikipedia page views to aggregate the organically-generated activity for a given TV show or movie. For this chart, ListenFirst Media registered the Interest Score in each property both in the week before SDCC and during the convention itself.

For movies, Suicide Squad topped the chart with a 548k score during the convention, followed by Star Trek: Beyond (426), Wonder Woman (366k), Justice League (295k), Lights Out (147k), Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (133k), Kong: Skull Island (109k), Doctor Strange (87k), Spider-Man: Homecoming (79k), and Moana (77k).

On the TV side, Game of Thrones captured the Interest Score throne with 163k, followed by Mr. Robot (152k), American Gods (92k), Luke Cage (90k), The Walking Dead (78k), Preacher (74k), Power (66k), The Night Of (51k), Steven Universe (41k), and Vikings (41k).

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