Morrison's SINATORO Heads to TV

"Sinatoro" poster
Credit: Black Mask Studios
Credit: Black Mask Studios

Grant Morrisons' long-delayed Sinatoro has been optioned as a live-action television series by Universal Television and Depth of Field. Originally announced in 2010 as a movie, the concept was later announced in 2014 as a comic book series for Black Mask Studios with artist Vanesa R. Del Rey to be published in 2015, but that also has been delayed indefinitely.

This latest attempt at Sinatoro is starting from a script by Morrison, Adam Armus, and Kay Foster. According to Black Mask, who are also involved in the TV series, the plan is to hire a director and then pitch it to actual networks.

"Sinatoro reimagines American pop culture as a whole new mythology. It's about life, death, sex, romance and everything in between," said Morrison. "This is one of my favorite stories and I'm excited to see it finding new life as a television series where we have more opportunity and potential to develop the ideas and characters."

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