Guess Which DC Characters Are Hiding In Marvel's INSIDER Program?

"Marvel Download: Digital House of Ideas" panel image
Credit: Marvel Comics

'Holy Photoshop, Batman!'

Over the weekend, Marvel announced a new loyalty program a la your neighborhood grocer called Marvel Insider. It promises unique rewards in return to doing Marvel-related events and buying their products. But in the advertisement graphics announcing their program is hiding a different kind of insider - a pair of them, from DC Comics. Take a look at this image, from Marvel's website:

Credit: Marvel Comics

Take a minute... do you see them?

We'll give you a moment.

Still nothing? Well, how about now? Look at the highlighted portion to the left of the logo:

Credit: Marvel / Newsarama
Credit: Frank Quitely (DC Comics)

Batman and Robin.

So is this some 'next level' teaser for things to come from Marvel (as they've been prone to do) and the distinguished competition? Hardly. It appears likely that that portion of the collaged image was taken from a convention floor photo where this Batman Inc. #1 variant cover by Frank Quitely was used as a banner display at the DC booth.

Newsarama has found photos of it on display at the 2012 Comic-Con International: San Diego.

So it was likely just an accident...

Or was it? The image is beginning to receive a fair amount of attention, which can't hurt awareness of Marvel's new program. So what say you comic book fans - Photoshop oversight ... or evil genius? 

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