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Marvel Animation announced several new projects and new seasons of its television series at a Comic-Con International: San Diego panel on Saturday.

First up, Marvel's Secret Wars is getting animated, as the company's Avengers series on Disney XD will become Avengers: Secret Wars for its upcoming new season. Announced at the Marvel Animation panel Saturday at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Avengers: Secret Wars will involve some of the Avengers "going missing" and an image was shown to the crowd featuring the Vision, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, the Wasp and Ant-Man, but Marvel didn't explicitly say they were the full new Avengers line, although they did say Black Panther would lead the Avengers "for a time."

Jane Foster/Thor was also revealed to be appearing during the season. 

Credit: Marvel Comics

They did say that Ms. Marvel, Vision and Black Panther would debut in the second half of the current season, with a storyline involving the Inhumans. That back-half of the season will also have a Civil War arc.

Originally titled Avengers Assemble when it launched in 2013, the current Avengers cartoon began changing its name for each new season with last year's Avengers: Ultron Revolution.

No debut date was announced for Avengers: Secret Wars.

And while the Hulk & The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. series is no more, a new Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell animated feature was announced for release this fall. The Green Goliath will co-star in the film with Doctor Strange the monster team the Howling Commandos. The movie is promised to be more adult-oriented than the Disney XD shows Marvel is currently producing, with staffers there comparing it to DC's recent animated features such as Batman: The Killing Joke.

One show that is returning, however, is Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Animation VP Stephen Wacker said that both the Avengers and an unnamed Marvel Cosmic character whom "fans have demanded the most" will be in the show's upcoming second season.

And one non-announcement but possible hint came out of the panel when moderator and Marvel Animation's Senior VP Cort Lane was asked about the Spider-Gwen shirt he was wearing and if she would appear in the upcoming new season of  Ultimate Spider-Man.

The fan asked since Spider-Man is returning to the Spider-Verse for the new season, wouldn’t it be interesting if he met Spider-Gwen...

Lane reacted to the question in highly exaggerated ‘my, wouldn’t that be interesting' fashion, before Wacker deadpanned “Yes, it would be interesting," stopping short of outright confirming.

Spider-Gwen was conspicuously absent from the recent "Spider-Verse" arc of the show despite being one of the stand-out characters in the comic book version of that arc. Marvel had previously said that she wasn't included at that time because those episodes were originally planned out before Spider-Gwen debuted. 

Earlier in the panel Lane said Spider-characters that were not in the previous "Spider-Verse" arc would appear in the "Return to the Spider-Verse" arc.

With that door open to ask about upcoming characters, one fan asked if any mutants would be appearing in a Marvel animated series.

"No, no mutants," Wacker firmly replied

"It's nothing personal," joked Hulk voice actor Frank Tatasciore, who sat on the dais.

"It's very personal, actually," Wacker again deadpanned back.

Lane replied with the possibility of some good news however, saying "I will say that we have one little thing coming up early next year, and there might or might not be some Deadpool. But it's a tiny little thing."

Deadpool has appeared previously on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

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