We Show the TV FLASH the Movie FLASH’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Costume For the 1st Time

Flash & Flash
Credit: The CW / Warner Bros.
Credit: The CW / Warner Bros.

On Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed the first look at its Justice League - in both a group photo and a surprise trailer. It was the first time many had seen it, including television's Flash, Grant Gustin. Shortly after the reveal, Newsarama sat down with Gustin and showed him the costume ourselves for the first time.

"Oh man, I haven't seen this. I heard they might show it today, but I hadn't seen it," Gustin told Newsarama of Ezra Miller's debut in the Flash costume. "That's sick. I thought they might make it look like of like Injustice."

"It's totally different from our costume," Gustin said, referring to the one he wears on CW's The Flash. "I like that our costume is more of the classic version. That's something I don't think you'll see anywhere else."

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