POLL: How Do You Like the New Dynamic Duo?

DC Preview: Batman & Robin #1

This week DC Comics debuted Gotham City's new Dynamic Duo – the former Robin/Nightwing, Dick Grayson as Batman, and Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne as Robin, in Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's Batman & Robin #1.

Now with Bruce Wayne apparently having been transported to a parallel world or the past by the hands of Darkseid in Final Crisis #6 rather than being killed, it seems a fair assumption the original Batman will eventually reclaim his cowl, and the future of Tim Drake is open-ended as well, but until such a time either or both return to the Gotham fold, we want to know how much you're feeling the new Dark Knight and Boy Wonder?

Take part in our latest Newsarama reader poll and as always, stick around after placing your vote to discuss the new Batman and Robin with your fellow fans...

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