WIZARD WORLD Enacts Stricter Weapons Policy

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Credit: Wizard World

Wizard World has announced a new, stricter weapons policy for its various conventions - however, this new rule applies to those looking to sell or buy weapons at the conventions. Exhibitors will now be restricted from handing over any guns, metal blades, or metal knives to customers who purchase them.

"Upon purchase, Weapons Vendors will be required to retain the items at their booth with a tag identifying the purchaser. A second piece of the tag will be given to the purchaser for later redemption along with pick-up instructions," reads the new policy. "Wizard World staff will then collect purchased items from the Weapons Vendors on a regular basis throughout the day. Purchased weapons will be taken to Weapons Check at the main event entrance and will be held there until the purchaser comes to redeem."

Weapnons purchasers can pick up their weapons only when they are ready to leave the convention, as "Staff or Security will ensure they must leave immediately."

The conventioneers said that "one or two" Wizard World staffmembers will be at each convention to facilitate this new policy.

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