Marvel’s OCTOBER 2016 Solicitations ... Sort Of (and the X-Men Live On!)

Civil War II #7
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

While Marvel Comics has yet to release their October 2016 solicitations officially, a listing of the various titles planned for that month has been published on Diamond Comics Distributors' website.

Of note in these truncated solicitations is three apparently a new miniseries titled Deadpool: Back in Black and three titles of unknown length: Civil War II: The Oath, Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice and Champions: No Time For Losers. Unlike the others, the latter title has its creators listed - Tony Isabella, Bill Mantlo, Don Heck, George Tuska, John Byrne - and along with it's cover price ($7.99) infers a reprint of some kind from the original The Champions series.

Also noted is the continuation of the various X-Men titles despite not being featured in the "Marvel NOW!" catalog released in early July.

Additionally, there are four new Marvel posters dubbed A through D, similiar to how four titles from "Marvel NOW!" were solicited before the publisher was ready to disclose what they actually were.

Check out these listings at Diamond's website.

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