"James Bond: Hammerhead #1" first look
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

The Losers writer Andy Diggle is writing a new James Bond series for Dynamite. Illustrated by Luca Casalanguida, James Bond: Hammerhead is a six-issue series debuting in October that follows in the footsteps of the main James Bond series by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters.

"I have never been more thrilled to take charge of a character. James Bond has been with me from childhood, and his influence runs through almost everything I've ever written," said Diggle. "Like all truly iconic characters, Bond remains timeless, reinventing himself for each new generation while remaining true to the core of Ian Fleming's original creation. By bringing the Bond of the novels into the present-day world, with all its challenges and complexities, we get the best of both worlds - Fleming's dispassionate ‘blunt instrument' in a post-Cold War landscape of mass surveillance, drone strikes and WMDs."

Diggle and Casalanguida will pit 007 against a new "radical anti-capitalist' named the Kraken who is targeting Britain's nuclear arsenal.

"I'm delighted to be working again with Andy Diggle, who is a true natural when it comes to this material," said Dynamite's Executive Editor Joseph Rybandt. "Also, Luca Casalanguida is one of the best artists to come across my desk in years. It's a wonderful combination and a true artistic and natural expansion to our modern Bond world."

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