IDW Announces Robert Bloch Collection

IDW Announces Robert Bloch Collection

Press Release

IDW Publishing is proud to announce today a new licensing agreement with the estate of acclaimed writer Robert Bloch. Through this new partnership, IDW gains the rights to one hundred of the author’s classic stories for development as comic books, graphic novels and feature entertainment. The works will be released in the Robert Bloch Collection.

Best-known for his work as the author of the novel Psycho, Bloch has long been considered a true master of genre fiction. From being mentored by H.P. Lovecraft to receiving a Horror Writers of America Life Time Achievement award, Bloch created hundreds of influential horror, suspense, crime and science fiction stories. Additionally, he produced many screenplays, and wrote for radio and television, including the original Star Trek, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Thriller series.

“Bloch is one of the established masters of horror, and we are really looking forward to offering his stories to existing fans and to bringing in new ones,” said IDW CEO, Ted Adams. “Having inspired so many leading writers, Bloch’s work is pivotal to the horror and science fiction genres and is a must-read for fans.”

Under the agreement, IDW will develop Bloch’s stories as standalone one-shots, miniseries and other formats, working with screenwriters and established comic book writers and artists to reinterpret and reinvent Bloch’s work for a new generation. The first Bloch project is expected to launch in early 2010.

Previously, IDW adapted some of the Hugo Award-winning writer’s stories for the B&W horror magazine Doomed, and a new edition of Bloch’s classic horror novel Lori will be released in September.

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