Geof Darrow 3A Poster
Credit: Geof Darrow (3A)
Credit: Geof Darrow (3A)

ThreeA has partnered with artist Geof Darrow to create a line of figures in 2017 based on his series Hard Boiled, Big Guy & Rusty the Robot, and Shaolin Cowboy. The toy company will be handing out posters by Darrow at Comic-Con International: San Diego promoting the line.

"We're very excited to be working with Geof," said ThreeA's Gregory Prout. "Shaolin Cowboy, Nixon, and Big Guy and Rusty will be coming out in 2017 – no time frame as to when exactly, as we want them to be great, because they're characters that are incredible that deserve the care, the stylization, and the attention to detail only ThreeA can produce."

Darrow tells Newsarama that he's been collecting ThreeA's work for some time, and was jealous of what co-founder Ash Wood has done with his Zombies vs. Robots line.

"I collected Ashley Wood’s work and was extremely jealous of what he was doing and accomplishing with Zombies VS. Robots. And when he started producing toys based on his amazing universes I started collecting. My studio is stuffed with THREEA boxes!," said Darrow. "I wanted so bad to have toys made of my characters. I can’t tell you how excited and happy and honored that we are working together. I want them so bad! It’s so cool. I am so lucky!"

Darrow's illustrations are known for their intense and deliberate detail, and Wood says that the "challenge" to produce toys is one of the reasons why the deal was made.

"The detail is an enticing part of the toy challenge," said Wood. "The detail is very important and needed, but Geof’s designs are so strong, they tell a story instantly, the detail is great but it’s really only the garnish on great design!"

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