RAFAEL GRAMPÀ Partners With Budweiser For Patriotic AMERICA Murals Across United States

Rafael Grampa's "America" art for Budweiser
Credit: Rafael Grampa / Budweiser

Brazilian artist Rafael Grampá is reinterpreting American patriotism for Budweiser in a series of illustration currently being painted as huge murals across North America. Although best known to most readers for his comic book work, Grampá is an in-demand illustrator for ad campaigns, as well as a director.

Credit: Rafael Grampa / Budweiser

"Budweiser invited me to reinterpret the American spirit of patriotism, freedom, power and hope," Grampá told Newsarama. "With total freedom, I created three art pieces that will be reproduced and painted on huge murals in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco."

After completing the illustrations in his studio, the South American artist is now overseeing the installation of the murals. Grampá feels "honored" to be asked to to this project, and looks at as a "manifesto" by Budweiser "by opening its borders and nothing better to do it through art."

Credit: Rafael Grampa / Budweiser

"I feel honored. Budweiser is one of the biggest brands in the world and it's an American icon. They created this new campaign, they changed their name to America and it's maybe the most patriotic campaign they ever done," said Grampá. "I feel a great responsibility and at the same time I feel that the brand understands my great connection with the United States, because most of my work is published and recognized in the country. I also understand this invitation as a manifesto of the brand by opening its borders and nothing better to do it through art."

Grampá took this project as "an opportunity to try something new" with his art style, and it's something he said will affect his comic book work moving forward.

"In this kind of work, I can experiment other styles that I don't usually do when I'm doing a comic book or a cover. So, for me, it's an opportunity to try something new," said the artist. "I really liked the result and I'm sure my next comic cover will be influenced by this new gig. Also, it's an opportunity to connect with another kind of audience. People that like art but are not familiar with the comic world. As an artist, I think is another way to connect with people."

A full gallery containing Grampa's illustrations, as well as process pieces of the art installation as murals can be seen here.

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