"Civil War II: The Accused #1" cover by David Mack
Credit: David Mack (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Leinil Yu (Marvel Comics)

After weeks of secrecy, Marvel has revealed the details - and more specifically, the characters - of their Civil War II tie-in one-shots The Accused and The Fallen.

Spoilers ahead for Civil War II #3.

According to ComicBook, The Accused will deal with an expanded look at the trial of Clint Barton seen in an abridged form in this week's Civil War II #3. That trail came as a result of Hawkeye killing Bruce Banner to prevent him from becoming the Hulk. It will feature Matt Murdock, who is acting as Barton's attorney in the trial. This one-shot is by writer (and lawyer) Marc Guggenheim, with art by Garry Brown and Ramon Bachs.

Also per ComicBook, The Fallen deals with the aftermath of Bruce Banner's death, including his funeral and how his passing affects those close to him. The Fallen is written by Totally Awesome Hulk writer Greg Pak with art by Mark Bagley.

See a full gallery of these two titles various covers here.

The Accused is scheduled to be released August 10, with The Fallen planned for August 17.

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