"Justice, Inc. The Avenger TP" preview

Waid, Christopher Sequeira, & Ronilson Freire bring back the Avenger. Check out the full first issue of Justice Inc., The Avenger ahead of the TPB collection coming out this week.

Justice Inc. The Avenger TP  
writer: Mark Waid, Christopher Sequeira
artist: Ronilson Freire
cover: Alex Ross
FC • 152 pages • $19.99 • Teen+
As world war rages in 1940, The Avenger dedicates his fortune to building a crack team of scientists and thrill-seekers, sworn to protect the homeland from gangsters and terrorists… but in this dangerous world, even the headquarters of Justice, Inc.  can be infiltrated! Unknown assailants, nearly transparent and inhumanly strong, strike a fearsome blow at The Avenger's organization, subjecting a dear friend to a fate worse than death. What is the terrible secret of these invisible foes, and how does their far-reaching conspiracy threaten to drag America into war?  New York Times bestselling author Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Daredevil, Star Wars: Princess Leia) joins Christopher Sequeira (Astonishing Tales) and Ronilson Freire (The Green Hornet) for the globe-trotting Man of a Thousand Faces' epic battle against The Invisible Death, plus a bonus tale debuting the mysterious saboteur, The Sleeperman!
"This is the pulp book you have been waiting for all your life." – Major Spoilers

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