DEODATO Apologizes For Using Fan Redesign for MARVEL NOW! Image

"Divided We Stand" by Mike Deodato Jr.
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Mike Deodato Jr.'s Marvel NOW! "Divided We Stand" image contained several surprises and reveals including a new costume to Kate Bishop/Hawkeye - one that was later discovered to be another artist's redesign, not owned by Marvel. Here is the "Divided We Stand" image:

Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Vylla

"It’s not a huge deal and I’m not really mad," said Vylla. "Just surprised and would like to make sure it’s not a design they’re going to used in the future. Or hey. Credit would be cool."

Deodato came out to apologize and explain how it happened.

"It was my fault. I researched for the current Hawkeye outfit, yours popped up and I thought it was an official one," tweeted Deodato. "Sorry. My apologies nevertheless. Again, you did a great work. :)"

Vylla said that Marvel hasn't approached her regarding payment for the use of her design, but that she's not pursuing legal action at this time.

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