Amazon Eying NEW YORK CITY For Next Bookstore Location?

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Credit: Amazon

Although Amazon is best known as an online distributor, its slowly entering the physical bookstore market with a new brick-and-mortar bookstore planned for New York City, according to New York Post. Amazon is said to be negotiating for a bookstore/café in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards area, with an estimated opening date of “late 2018 or early 2019.”

This would be the third brick-and-mortar 'Amazon Books' after the already-open Seattle location, and one planned for San Diego. That flagship location stocks various comic book products, as well as promoting its Kindle devices and the products sold by its subsidiary, comiXology. Additionally, Amazon recently launched a comic book imprint titled Jet City.

Earlier this year, General Growrth Properties CEO Sandeep Mathrani said during an earnings call that Amazon planned to over 300 retail bookstores.

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