Marvel Signals INFAMOUS IRON MAN, SOLO, & DR. STRANGE Team Book Coming to MARVEL NOW!?

"Marvel NOW!" Divided We Stand image
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has already announced several new series as part of the fall "Marvel NOW!" new status quo, and there may be more joining them.

Infamous Iron Man #1, Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1, and Solo #1 are the new names for three posters originally solicited by Marvel to retailers with their September products. They were previously solicited simply as a group of four generic (identified as A through D) "Marvel NOW!" posters, the fourth of which was also revealed today as the Champions #1 by [Humberto] Ramos poster.

Assuming the same conceit, it would seem likely those other posters would represent upcoming Marvel NOW! series a la Mark Waid's The Champions

The Infamous Iron Man #1 poster is by International Iron Man artist Alex Maleev.

The Doctor Strange and Sorcerers Supreme #1 poster is by Batgirl artist Rafael Albuquerque.

The Solo #1 poster is by All-New X-Men artist Paco Diaz.

Newsarama has been unable to reach Marvel for comment.

Purely on a speculative basis, if Infamous Iron Man is indeed a series joining the relauching Invincible Iron Man title, given the image above revealed by the publisher last week, Victor Von Doom seems as good a candidate as any to star. 

The Doctor Strange and Sorcerers Supreme could very well feature the magic-based group of characters such as Shaman, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Voodoo which have been appearing regularly in Doctor Strange and its "Last Days of Magic" arc.

Additionally, the publisher informed retailers that September's planned Doctor Strange #12 has been cancelled, with the intent to resolicit it in August for an anticipated October release.

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