BATMAN v SUPERMAN Supercut Tallies The Caped Crusader's Kills

Still from 'Batman v Superman'
Still from 'Batman v Superman'
Credit: Warner Bros.

Batman doesn't kill. That's been a mantra for years, even if it hasn't technically been accurate for a lot of that time. Still, it's such a prevalent idea that when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turned Batman into a more lethal protector, many fans were downright shocked. But how many times did Batman actually break his one rule in BvS? Mr. Sunday Movies has the answer with a new supercut of all Batman's kills from the film, with a running counter.

If that doesn't seem like that many, consider that it's almost half of the number of people he killed in all his other movies - from Batman '66 to The Dark Knight Rises - combined. Here's your proof on that statistic, courtesy of a second supercut.

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