Confirmed: Netflix's DAREDEVIL Coming to Blu-Ray & DVD - In the UK, At Least

Daredevil Poster
Daredevil Poster
Credit: Netflix

Updated July 1, 2016 at 5:01 p.m. EST: Following the apparent early leak of information, Marvel have now formally announced that the first season of the Netflix Daredevil series will be coming to home video - in the UK at least - on October 3. It is now listed both on Zavvi as well as Amazon UK. Both websites list the release as region-locked, so it may not be compatible with some Blu-ray and DVD players outside Europe.

Original Story: For those who don't have Netflix and want to see Daredevil season one, or at least add it to your collection, there may be good news in store for you. British retailer chain Zavvi (the former Virgin Megastore) has listed the DVD and Blu-ray release date for Daredevil season one.

According to Zavvi's listing, Daredevil season one will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting October 3. This date hasn't been officially confirmed, and, if accurate, may only apply to the UK.

Neither Marvel not Netflix announced plans for a home video release when Daredevil season one was released on Netflix in April 2015. If this listing is accurate, this Blu-ray will come 18 months after Daredevil's digital release. Could viewers expect other Netflix shows such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil season 2 to make it to a physical release in a similar timeframe?

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