Tom Swift Heads to the Big Screen

Tom Swift Heads to the Big Screen

The First Tom Swift Adventure

Everything old is new again.

Columbia Pictures has picked up Swift, a Barry Sonnenfeld/Ben David Grabinski pitch that’s described as a “reimagining of the Tom Swift adventure novels,” this according to Variety.

Tom Swift was one of the original adventure heroes of the 20th century, having debuted in a 1910 series of books for boys. Originally created by Edward Stratemeyer, Tom Swift was a young inventor whose inventions both benefited mankind and led to his adventures. The character was written by any number of ghostwriters in its original run, but appeared under the collective pseudonym of “Victor Appleton.” As the series progressed, Swift's son, "Tom Swift Jr." starred in many stories, which were written by "Victor Appleton II." The orignal novel series has entered the public domain and can be found in several locations online.

The character has remained alive in print since its debut, and most recently saw a fifth series of books hit in 2007.

The project is being pitched as a directing opportunity for Sonnenfeld, and the version of the story would feature Swift as one-half of a father-son team who are among the greatest inventors of all time.

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