MIDNIGHTER & APOLLO are Rebirth's 'WORLD's FINEST Couple' With New Series

"Midnighter & Apollo #1" cover by ACO
Credit: ACO (DC Comics)
Credit: ACO (DC Comics)

A six-issue Midnighter & Apollo series debuts October 5 from DC Comics, according to New York Times.

“Midnighter and Apollo have spent time apart—figuring out who they were when defined on their own instead of by their relationship,“ said writer Steve Orlando, who wrote the previous Midnighter solo series. “They have a firmer idea of who they are and they've become stronger and more confident together. Midnighter and Apollo are back to remind the world that it truly is a bad time to be bastards.

Former Midnighter artist ACO will contribute covers, with interior art by Fernando Blanco.

The first issue features the former Wildstorm duo fighting subway pirates in Los Angeles and demons in Opal City.

Orlando describes these two as 'the World's Finest Couple,' borrowing the name from the classic DC title World's Finest.

“Getting to write a character that helped me when I was younger and boost the signal to a new generation has been an honor,” said Orlando. “This is the World’s Finest Couple — kicking back and making each other better than they are on their own.”

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