"We Quit" image by Alex Ross
Credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics)

Are Marvel's flagship team breaking up?

Marvel Comics has sent out a new version of the Alex Ross painting which hit stands this week as the cover to Diamond Comics Distributors' Previews catalog. This new image has the text "We Quit!" in bold letters, confirming what Newsarama speculated earlier as to the meaning of this illustration.

The July 5th date is interesting as well, as it points to a Tuesday. Comic books are traditionally released on Wednesdays, and none of the comic book retailers Newsarama has contacted are aware of any unsolicited Marvel book being shipped. This could mean that the "We Quit!" moment Marvel is referring to doesn't happen in a comic book, but it's worth noting Marvel has released digital-exclusive comic books in the past through comiXology and Marvel's own digital services.

The image is promoting the fall "Marvel NOW!" event, and two of the three Avengers shown here - Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man - were among the 16 characters in the "Divided We" teasers released over the past seven days.

Given the launches and relaunches that typically come with Marvel's new eras such as "All-New All-Different Marvel" and the previous "Marvel NOW!," it's possible that the publisher is signaling a split with All-New All-Different Avengers cast into a new book with these three heroes sharing the lead. Keep in mind that Marvel Comics' has not had an un-adjectived Avengers title since the ending of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers title in June 2015.

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