DICK TRACY Meets His Hillbilly Match In Unique Comic Strip Crossover

Dick Tracy / Fearless Fosdick crossover
Credit: United Features Syndicate / Tribune Media Services

Comic strip gumshoe Dick Tracy is meeting his match in this week's serialized adventures: Fearless Fosdick. The L'il Abner character, who was created as a homage to Dick Tracy, is appearing all this week in the Dick Tracy newspaper strips. 

Credit: Joe Staton

Originally created in 1942 by L'il Abner cartoonist Al Capp, Fearless Fosdick is the in-story idol of Abner but in reality was a parody of Chester Gould's Dick Tracy. Fearless Fosdick has appeared intermittently in Li'l Abner over the years, including in a series of strips-within-a-strip stories.

The serial is written by Mike Curtis, with penciller Joe Station, inker/letterer Shelley Pleger, and Shane Fisher providing color for the Sunday strips.

This unique crossover began June 26, and will conclude with Sunday's July 3 edition.

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