DEADPOOL 2 Targets Start Date; FOX to Try To Keep X-Film Plans More Secretive

"Deadpool" image
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Rob Liefeld (20th Century Fox)

20th Century Fox have yet to add the second Deadpool movie to its film schedule, but producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that the plan is to begin shooting the film in early 2017.

"The guys, [Paul] Wernick and [Rhett] Reese, are working on the script, and we hope to have a script very soon. We hope to shoot the movie sometime at the beginning of next year," Kinberg told Collider.

Kinberg goes on to say that the studio is intentionally keeping its future X-Men movie plans more secret than before, including the next film - 2017's third Wolverine movie.

“I can only tell you that it’s going extremely well and that’s about all I will tell you about it,” said Kinberg. “We want it to be discovered the way that we used to watch movies a long time ago when you didn’t know everything about them before you went to go see them.”

The third solo Wolverine film is scheduled for release March 3, 2017. 20th Century Fox have reserved one release date in 2017 and two for 2018, but haven't identified the planned movies.

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