Updated: Los Bros HERNANDEZ's LOVE & ROCKETS Returns As Ongoing Series

"Love & Rockets Monthly #1" cover
Credit: Fantagraphics
Credit: Fantagraphics

Updated June 27, 2016: Fantagraphics' Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds has come out to clarify that the upcoming Love & Rockets new ongoing series is in fact not a monthly series, despite being solicited to retailers as such in Diamond Comics Distributors' Previews catalog.

Gilbert Hernandez's wife, Carol, has gone further, stating that the new Love & Rockets series is expected to release three to four issues per year.

Original Story: Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are reviving Love & Rockets as a monthly ongoing series scheduled to begin September 28.

Gilbert Hernandez's story picks up on the long-running story of Palomar, Mexico, with Fritz learning of a grandchild she never knew she had. Jaime returns to "Hoppers 13" as Maggie tries to relive her punk  years but finds her old friends from that time don't.

Love & Rockets Monthly #1 is scheduled to launch September 28 from Fantagraphics.

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