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Credit: Jonathan Case (Dark Horse)
Credit: Showtime

Award-winning actor Michael Sheen will be expanding his resume as he takes on the role of writer, director, producer and lead actor in an adaptation of the graphic novel Green River Killer: A True Detective Story. Originally written by Jeff Jensen and drawn by Jonathan Case, the film will be produced by Dark Horse Entertainment and QC Entertainment.

Based on the life of Jensen's own father, reporter Tom Jensen, Green River Killer follows the investigation behind the serial killer Gary Ridgeway.

Credit: Jonathan Case (Dark Horse)

“This is a dark story but one that ultimately finds hope and meaning in that darkness,” said Sheen. “The story of Tom and Gary, and how they are bound together in time, pulled me in from the beginning and wouldn’t let go. I hope that by now bringing it to life on screen it can make audiences feel the same way.”

“Michael has written an elegant script which brings his sophisticated vision to subverting the typical serial killer movie,” said QC Entertainment's Sean McKittrick and Ray Mansfield. “Jensen and Ridgway are terrific roles for both an actor of Michael’s caliber and the actor cast opposite him. As producers who have long championed actors making the move to directing, we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”

No timeframe for the production or theatrical release has been given.

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