Sony Will Expand SPIDER-MAN Universe With Marvel, Calls Animated SPIDER-MAN A 'Breakthrough Sensation'

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" title card
Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures
Still from 'Captain America: Civil War'
Still from 'Captain America: Civil War'
Credit: Marvel Studios

Since Marvel and Sony's deal to incorporate Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, questions have lingered over which parts of the Spider-Man mythos Marvel has access to. Now, statements from Sony movie chief Tom Rothman don't quite end the speculation, but seem to imply that Marvel will be involved in all of Spider-Man's live action adventures.

“Yes to both those questions,” Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter about whether Sony had plans to expand the Spider-Man franchise beyond his upcoming solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, and whether it would do so with Marvel. “It’s been fantastic, our relationship with Marvel.”

“Sony has the ultimate authority,” he continued. “But we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing…Knowing that Marvel has such a clear, creative vision, I sleep very well at night.”

However, Sony does have a Spider-Man that Marvel isn't involved in - their upcoming animated Spider-Man film written by The Lego Movie scribes Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, which Rothman says is a "breakthrough sensation."

“We have dated Christmas 2018 for what I believe is truly going to be a breakthrough animated sensation. Lord and Miller, who did the Lego movies, are doing an animated Spider-Man. And it has a very breakthrough look to it, and a fantastic story, and it's independent from our Marvel Spider-Man.”

Sony and Marvel's joint production, Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently filming in Atlanta for a July 3, 2017 theatrical release.

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