"Cerebus In Hell #0" cover by Dave Sim & Hieronymus Bosch
Credit: Dave Sim / Hieronymus Bosch (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
Credit: Dave Sim / Hieronymus Bosch (Aardvark-Vanaheim)

Cartoonist Dave Sim is reviving his cult-favorite character Cerebus for a new four-issue miniseries titled Cerebus In Hell. Scheduled to launch in 2017 but with a #0 issue to be released September 28, Cerebus In Hell will be written and drawn by Sim with the help of several artists-to-be-named.

Sim tells Newsarama that more details on the series will be announced Friday.

Here is the official solicitation from Diamond Comics Distributors:

Cerebus In Hell #1
(W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim & Various (CA) Dave Sim, Hieronymus Bosch
The first new Cerebus comic since 2004! Where has Cerebus been since he died twelve years ago? Is he in hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Some strange 1980 disco with links to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Henry Kissinger? Some ancient Greek disco with links to Plato, Socrates, Aristotle? Some 1990s disco with links to The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, and Oasis? Is he stuck inside his own Cerebus Online Disco Twitter-feed? Well, wherever he is, he deserves it, so feel free to laugh at his misfortune! This one shot leads into the Cerebus In Hell? 4-issue mini-series in 2017 celebrating Cerebus‘ 40th-anniversary!
Item Code: JUL161105
In Shops: 9/28/2016
Price: $4.00

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