Report: Syfy’s ‘Man of Steel’ Prequel KRYPTON’s Characters Revealed

Credit: SyFy/Warner Bros.

The characters of SyFy's Superman prequel show Krypton have reportedly been revealed in a cast list from TVLine.

According to the list, the characters are mostly members of the El and Zod families - two names that should carry a lot of weight for Superman fans. Here's the list of characters:

Seg-El -Superman's grandfather, in his 20's at the time of Krypton, is the show's lead. Seg-El previously appeared in comic books in Starman #51

Val-El - Seg's grandfather and Superman's great, great grandfather, who is a pioneer in space travel who escapes death by entering the Phantom Zone.

Ter-El - Seg's father and Superman's great grandfather. His role is still unknown.

Lyta Zod - A reluctant warrior in her 20's and a presumptive ancestor to Superman's arch-enemy.

Alura Zod - Lyta's mom, who shares her first name with Supergirl's mother.

Dev-Em - Described in the report as a "Kryptonian bad boy" in his 20's, Dev-Em appeared in comic books as an enemy of Superboy before also allying himself with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

No casting for these characters or premiere date for Krypton has been revealed.

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