ALEX ROSS-Inspired JUSTICE LEAGUE ‘More Inclusive, Brighter’ Than BvS

Justice League by Alex Ross
Justice League by Alex Ross
Credit: DC Comics / Alex Ross

According to Zack and Deborah Snyder, they're taking lessons learned from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to heart, and working towards a "brighter, more inclusive" vision of DC's superheroes for their currently in production Justice League - including updgraded tech, and costumes inspired by Alex Ross.

"I think the main thing we learned is that people don't like to see their heroes deconstructed," Deborah Snyder told reporters (via ComicBookResources) during a junket at Justice League’s London set. "I think that’s hard, because it’s people we've grown up with and we care about. They like seeing them in all their glory…Justice League is much more inclusive [than Batman v Superman]. It's all about the characters, too. We have these two very young characters, Flash and Cyborg. And you know, they're definitely lighter. I think they're going to appeal to a younger audience." 

The Snyders also acknowledged the hard road they put Superman through from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman, saying when he returns, fans will see the Superman fans recognize from comic books.

"I wanted to get to a Superman that had a reason to be Superman, a reason to feel the way he felt about humanity, that we all understand from the comic books," Zack Snyder explained. "As far as a moral compass goes, he's pretty much the thing. But I feel like he had to go through something to be that."

"This is a movie about coming together," Deborah Snyder continued. "It's a movie about building them up. So this is really an arc that we started. We have to go somewhere. You have to start from somewhere to really get to that point. But I think we're gonna see all the heroes in a way that people know them from the comic books."

Zack Snyder also screened a brief glimpse at one scene from the film, in which Batman and Flash meet for the first time - apparently different from their brief meeting in Batman v Superman. The scene was reportedly genuinely warm and funny - a contrast to the dark, edgy world of Batman v Superman

"When I saw the scene, I was like, 'Oh, God, this is fun,'" Zack Snyder explaied. "This is an interesting way of understanding how the movies have gone in a progression. By no means is this the whole movie. There are parts of the movie, of course, where they're facing enemies and they have to get their stuff together. Look at the Batmobile, for God's sake. You know, they're going to be drawn into conflict. I'm a fan of Magnificent Seven and team-making movies. So it's fun for me to finally get to this point now in the progression of these three movies where we are building a team and making the Justice League."

The aforementioned Batmobile was shown to reporters at the junket, showcasing the differences between Justice League's version and the militarized version seen in BvS. Check it out right here:

Batmobile from 'Justice League'
Batmobile from 'Justice League'
Credit: Warner Bros.

In addition to the Batmobile, Justice League will feature a host of new bat-gadgets. The League will reportedly travel in the "Flying Fox," a large airship which can even house the Batmobile, and will have a "Nightcrawler," a multi-legged vehicle for traveling quickly through tight spaces. Batman will also reportedly have several new suits, including a new version of his armor, and a more standard superhero outfit.

Speaking of superhero outfits, the surprise inspiration for the look of Justice League is Alex Ross. 

"I was always a fan of Alex Ross. [I] think that... there's something so simple, iconic and beautiful about the way he does it,” Justice League costume designer Michael Wilkinson explained (via CBR). "[I'm] a bit of a comic book fan so I do ... I do absorb a lot of that sort of thing, researching comic books is a big part of my homework when I'm prepping these costumes. Then at a certain point as I said, I tried to turn the boat around, and try to think what's right for Zack, what's the best. I'm always honoring the legacy,"

Justice League is scheduled to hit theaters November 17, 2017.

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