UPDATED: Ross, Carey Team on The Torch Miniseries

UPDATED: Ross, Carey Team on Torch

UPDATED: According to Marvel and Dynamite, Ross concieved of the series, and will be co-plotting with Carey and providing covers. The eight-issue miniseries is slated to begin in September. An interior artist was not named.

As announced on G4’s “Fresh ink” segment yesterday, Alex Ross will team with writer Mike Carey for a Human Torch limited series which will, according to host Blair Butler, the limited series “promises to return this Golden Age hero to prominence in the modern Marvel Universe.”

The miniseries, which will be packaged by Dynamite Entertainment (like the soon-to-conclude Avengers/Invaders limited series), is part of Marvel’s year-long 70th anniversary celebration. It’s only fitting for the original Torch to get a spotlight, as the character first appeared in 1939’s Marvel Comics #1, as an android created by Dr. Phineas Horton.

Ross’ path has intersected with that of the Torch in a couple of notable projects over the course of his career, first off, teamed with Kurt Busiek in Marvels #0, where the Torch narrated his own creation and origin in a haunting tale; and more recently, in the above-mentioned Avengers/Invaders, where the original Marvel hero (along with his sidekick Toro) found himself in the modern Marvel Universe, along with other members of the original Invaders.

In the modern Marvel Universe, the original Human Torch (who took on the name “Jim Hammond” after returning to the modern era in the pages of West Coast Avengers) is “dead” – well, as dead as an android can be, having exploded while saving his teammates in New Invaders. Aside from his appearance in Avengers/Invaders, one of the Torch’s last appearances was as a memorial statue at The Initiative’s Camp Hammond, with the inscription: JIM HAMMOND, THE FIRST OF THE MARVELS: He showed us that heroes can be made. In Avengers: The Initiative #23, the statue was torn down by a mob after SHIELD and Tony Stark fell from grace, and Norman Osborn took over the camp.

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Newsarama Note: Hammond's death in New Invaders was originally referred to as occuring in New Avengers.

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