WILD DOG To Appear in ARROW Season 5 Multi-Episode Arc

Wild Dog
Credit: DC Comics

According to EW and retweeted by DC Comics, actor Rick Gonzalez (Mr. Robot) has been cast as DC vigilante Wild Dog for the upcoming fifth season of the CW's Arrow for multiple episodes beginning with the season premiere.

Wild Dog will reportedly be a "new vigilante in Star City whose reckless and cocksure nature prompts Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) to take him under his wing."

Rick Gonzalez (left) in Mr. Robot
Rick Gonzalez (left) in Mr. Robot
Credit: USA Network

Wild Dog was created for his own four issue limited series in 1987 by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty and Dick Giordano. He later went on to be featured in Action Comics Weekly and most recently appeared in Infinite Crisis #7.

In comic books, Wild Dog was Jack Wheeler, a former star college football player and ex-Marine who quit after most of his squad was killed by a terrorist bomb. In the violent vigilante vein of the Punisher, he patrolled Quad City with a submachine gun and a pair of electrified shock gloves. 

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