What is 'The Conspiracy' Behind SPIDER-MAN's 'Dead No More'?

'Dead No More' promo image
'Dead No More' promo image
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel is rekindling the promotional fires for its upcoming "Dead No More" arc of Amazing Spider-Man, releasing an animated GIF comprised of several key comic book panels before showing the text "Everything you've been told is wrong - The Conspiracy Revealed This Week."

Amazing Spider-Man #14 goes on sale this week, promising a battle between the wall-crawler and Iron Man while Regent fights the Avengers.

The publisher has previously stated that "Dead No More" begins in the fall with Amazing Spider-Man #19, facing off against a "mysterious new villain" that first-appeared in Marvel's 2016 Free Comic Book Day one-shot. That as-yet-unnamed character with a mask and a red suit appears with the presumed Gwen Stacy. He will reportedly offer some of Spider-Man's enemies the chance to revive their loved ones if they follow his orders. Take a look at the previously released teaser image here:

CREDIT: Marvel Comics
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