Science Determines Who Has Best Chance to Win-Lose Superhero Fight

Superman Vs. Hulk
Superman Vs. Hulk
Credit: Marvel/DC

In a year punctuated by big screen superhero conflicts such Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, science finally has an answer about which hero is most likely to win in a fight.

According to a seven-year study by student researchers at the University of Leicester, the hero most likely to come out on top in an all-out supehero battle bracket is, unsurprisingly, Superman, while his sometimes rival Batman might be the least equipped to triumph.

Comic book fans may have something to say about that, given the way their fights have gone in the past, but the University of Leicester's reasearch seems sound. Here are some other tidbits from their report, including who they believe the most destructive hero to be:

·      Superman could be the best-equipped superhero of all, with a number of abilities including the ‘Super Flare’ attack and possession of high density muscle tissue

·      Wolverine, Thor and Mystique are also in the upper-tier of superheroes, having accelerated regenerative abilities, high energy output and being capable of gene manipulation.

·      Black Bolt is likely the single most destructive superhero based on a high energy output capable of resulting in planetary annihilation.

·      Student calculations suggest the most ill-equipped superhero could be Batman, who would struggle to survive a landing after gliding due to the velocity of his movement.

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