PENNY ARCADE President Steps Down After 14 Years

"Penny Arcade Armageddon" image
Credit: Penny Arcade
Credit: Robert Khoo

Penny Arcade's President of Operations and Business Development Robert Khoo has stepped down from the webcomics company after 14 years. Although Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik created the popular webcomic strip, Khoo is widely-attributed to have guided the then-budding franchise's business model and masterminded its successful expansion into merchandising, conventions, and its popular charity.

"Robert's been with us basically forever, and the work we've done together speaks for itself," said Holkins. "I had the chance to watch him accomplish the impossible more times than I can count. I would wish him luck, but he's never needed it. He makes his own."

Holkins and Krahulik will be jointly assuming Khoo's role in the company. For his part, Khoo has not disclosed what his future plans are.

"It's been an immeasurable privilege serving Penny Arcade's audience and helping more than a million individuals come together for their love of gaming at PAX events," said Khoo. "I want to thank my colleagues for sharing this incredible journey and I look forward to witnessing Penny Arcade's continued growth."

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